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From Skin Holistic Customers……..

Every woman over 40 would be crazy not to have this be in her daily regime. Many thanks!      T.


Wow, the custom Tinted Pure Mineral Face Protection is AMAZING. It wears nice, like it is not even there. Being someone who has had cancer removed from my face, I love the ease of putting this on, the beauty it brings to my skin and I have the extra benefit of knowing that I am protected well!. Thanks Melinda for creating yet another product so well worth having in my collection of Skin Holistic products that I use daily. Chris
 Skin Holistic products are the bomb! My face is smooth, blemish free, and radiant! I use SH exclusively now and I am never going back. My skin is well nourished with your organic botanical delights. My husband uses your men's products and his face has never been so kissable. Thank you from every happy cell in my body!     Eileen

 The help I need is with skin aging issues….dryness, lines, wrinkles, darkness below my eyes, age spots and the like. So those are the products I look for. Yours do a great job of helping with those issues. I just know that I love your products and plan on using them forever!



This product is miraculous.  My skin looks like it did 20 years ago.


"Thanks for your great products and service!"
M. Lombardo


As a man prone to razor burn, I have become quite reliant on the various after-shave lotions on the market to try and minimize the discomfort from shaving. Most often I will buy a specific brand, use it up, and then search out a different brand to try the next time, all the while hoping I can find one that I like well enough to continue using. I knew after my second application of the H2 lotion that I had finally found what I was looking for all these years. H2 is thicker and continues to soothe my skin well into the day. "Skin Holistic Man H2".....This is the best after-shave lotion I have put on my face!        Dave N.


"I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the makeup you that you gifted me with my last order! That is probably the best makeup (color match, texture, feel, look, etc.) I have ever used. It gives me a real natural, youthful, “dewy” appearance. It seems to have some of the same anti-aging ingredients as the DermaNew products. I will be ordering more with my next order." BTW she is referring to the new Pure Mineral Tint-30 SPF Face Protector.
I love Skin Holistic! My skin looks and feels years younger, and the sunscreen protects my fair skin better than any other I've tried. Thanks for creating such a great set of products. I use them daily and they make such a difference!      Jean
I've been a Skin Holistic customer for years. I've tried it all, but there is absolutely nothing more effective and nicer to my budget than Skin Holistic products. I know I'm giving my skin the best possible care and people notice! No woman (or man for that matter) over 30 should be without the entire Skin Holistic family of products. I use them religiously without fail everyday and love the skin I'm in! Thanks so much. I will be a customer FOREVER!


  Thanks, love your stuff!     Corina C.


 I've been using Skin Holistic products for over a year now and still marvel at how smooth and soft my skin is when I finish my routine in the morning. The DermaNew360 Moisturizer and Derma New 360 i Serum are simply unbeatable for hydrating and softening the face and eye area. I also like to use the DermaNew360  Moisture Therapy Serum on the dry areas around my nose. It really does the trick! Combine these with the Retinal Serum Night Treatment, DermaNew360 Facial Polish and Skin Holistic Mask and I've got a skin care regime that is amazing! I love all the products and plan to keep using them for years to come.

 My Mom LOVES your stuff by the way….and she is very picky 

 Definitely check out her products, just for the ingredients alone your skin deserves it

 I’m 72 years old and recently engaged.  My  fiancé’ tells me I look 20 years younger than all my friends because my skin looks so “fresh”.  Thanks to Skin Holistic!    Fran L.

Thank you for the organic after shave lotion. I really like it because it feels refreshing on my skin and it makes me look good in the mirror. It is very soothing to the touch and leaves an attractive glow. I enjoyed reading your website and have added it to my bookmarks.      Nathan

I've been a huge fan for two years. Can't live without your products.  Kathi

I've been using Skin Holistic products for a few years now and cannot recommend it highly enough! I just started using the latest DermaNew line and felt the difference in my skin's hydration and appearance after the *first* use. I love that SH products are local, organic, scientifically researched, contain exceptional...y high-quality ingredients and best of all, one-third the cost of less superior department store brands!  Erin

A few years ago I tried a product just for fun.. I was staying at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast/spa and was offered the product there.  I am very particular about products I use especially on my face so this was just going to be another one of those, I’ll try it and see.  I had been using a product I was very satisfied with but it was beginning to be too expensive and had changed a few times too many for me.  SO, when I tried the DermaNew360 Moisturizer, I never turned back, I loved the feel it left on my face and I awoke to less lines than before.  I have now used it well over one year and have ordered it several times.  Delivery is quick and easy and I usually get 3 bottles at once just so I never run out!  Reasonable priced and natural.  I would recommend this to anyone to try and see the real difference. Jeanie - A Healthcare Worker, Grandma and mom and wife! PS my husband and kids even noticed the difference!

The product Gift Card arrived yesterday.  Just as you described it would look.  It’s beautiful! Thanks for your help and quick response. Julie


I love the tinted moisturizer, and your new lip balm tastes so good and feels so smooth. Thank you Melinda for creating such great products.

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